About us

To help build good and lasting blocks of life

This we will achieve by creating a learning environment that is child-centred and brings out the best in each individual child.Also we aim to build a community of joyful and loving young people who respect each other.

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Academic Achievement

The children are allowed freedom of responsibility

We aim at improving not just academic performance and excellence but self esteem, motivation and enthusiasm for learning. Academic progress and excellence is not our sole goal

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The present facility will accommodate the capacity of our new intake

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Welcome from Head of School

April 3, 2014 @ 2:21 PM posted by admin


I would like to welcome you to the Aduvie  International school Website and thank you for your interest in our school.  Whether you are a parent, student or a prospective employee, I welcome you. I hope that this website provides you with useful information about our school and programs.

I am excited about coming to Aduvie and look forward to working with a growing and enthusiastic group of professional staff and teachers.

Aduvie International School  is celebrating its sixth year of successfully educating children in Abuja and has set the standards of excellence in the education of all of our students, we have also set a standard that has and will continue to serve as an example for other private schools.

Aduvie  International School celebrates the diversity of our students and their interests by offering a college preparatory curriculum that is varied enough to create an enthusiastic desire to become involved in the learning process.  The academic program also maintains a core of courses which reflects a broad academic focus that will be seen by highly selective colleges and universities as competitive and credible.

Both the primary and secondary programs strive to create in students a strong desire to become involved world citizens who have a sense of honour, discipline, and compassion. We require all our students to be active in the learning process. Our students learn to value and understand the differences and similarities of people from every corner of the globe. We want all of our students to be courageous and willing to take a position of leadership in all areas of existence and make a positive impact on the world in which they live.

The years ahead will be very exciting. We look forward to the excitement that each year brings along with the continued success of our students.  We hope that you will become a member of the Aduvie International school family.


      Principal / Head of School

Guide to Fees

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All fees are to be paid before resumption of every term.

Cash payments are not allowed and kindly note that, fees once paid is non-refundable.  

Thank you.

The facility is opened for new enrollment of students.


Aduvie at a Glance

February 11, 2014 @ 2:53 AM posted by admin

  •               Competent Educators.
  •               Global Curriculum with Local and International Testing ( SSCE,IGCSE, 6th Form, SAT ).
  •                5 Star Facility.
  •                Cutting Edge Security.
  •                International Exchange Programs.
  •                Nutritionally based Intercontinental cuisine.
  •                Staffed Medical Facility.
  •                Inclusive Education.
  •                Effective Governing Board and P.T.A
  •                Family friendly culture.


Aduvie, derived from a Nigerian language means ‘A good future, a good thing or a good foresight. She has her roots in the rich Nigerian culture. Aduvie International School was established in January, 2008. It presently has pupil strength of 340 and a pupil and staff ratio of 4:1. Aduvie nurtures, tutors and educates pupils in crèche, nursery, primary and secondary classes.

Aduvie has a special needs class, with seasoned and well trained therapists. In addition, our special needs children (Jewel Class) learn under the tutelage of teachers in the regular classes and are involved in the activities of the school. The cradle of excellence: bedrock on which Aduvie is founded has a blend of the Nigerian school system, Montessori, British and International Baccalaureate curriculum.

The school has many co-curricular and extracurricular activities that aids the formation of Individual character and improve learning abilities. Some of these activities include literary, math, science, music, french, swimming and karate clubs. Aduvie has pupils and teachers from diverse nationalities and has imbibed in her training, learning of different cultures.

In Aduvie, we believe in learning through traveling, visiting places that will broaden views and leaving indelible marks in childrens’ minds. This belief has led to trips to France, Ethopia and Dubai, where sites such as museums, zoos, major landmarks and schools were visited.

Aduvie exudes a family-friendly atmosphere which parents, pupils, teachers and friends have come to rely on. To encourage and promote these friendships, the school organizes curriculum and open days, art and science exhibitions, fanfares and picnics. Fostering friendship and imbibing the precepts of good will in her children, the school regularly visits orphanages and recently celebrated Valentines’ day in one of the homes.

In our pursuit for excellence and need to be part of the global village, Aduvie is a member of Association of International Schools in Africa and is presently working towards becoming a credited International Baccalaureate School. Aduvie recently won The Nigerian Advancement Award for Best Performing Primary School in Abuja.